Low FODMAP Garlic & Onion Replacements

Most low FODMAP folks miss garlic. Garlic chives are our godsend. They grow like chives yet taste like garlic. Use this like garlic powder in everything from sauces to proteins to popcorn.

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"Delicious!! It deserves a showcase of its own making bland food stellar!"
- Cari A.

How can you cook without onion? With this! We use the green tops of negi scallions, dried the week they’re picked to capture peak flavor. Try in sauces, soups and dips or on proteins or vegetables.

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"Fantastic Product! Much more onion taste than even fresh green onions or chives."
- Rostia Y.

These green tendrils emerge from the garlic plant in early June. They have a delicate, nuanced garlic essence. We freeze dry and powder over a pound for each bottle. No triggers or fillers.

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"OMG the pure flavor of garlic in my dishes again without the painful reaction."
- Suzanne A.

This onion salt goes easy on you and big on flavor. Beautiful sea salt harvested in Northern California is perfectly mixed with our Green Onion Powder.

We’ve remade the kitchen staple without bulb or bite. Combined with sea salt, our Garlic Chive Powder livens up sauces, protein rubs, garlic bread or tasty veggies.

Amazing Ingredients.
Uncompromising Quality.

gluten free, dairy free, gmo free, sugar free, onion bulb free, garlic bulb free, 100% natural

Not everything that is low FODMAP is actually good for your health. That's why we're committed to bringing you whole, clean, low FODMAP essentials free of all fillers, additives and preservatives. Only real food to help you lead a healthier life.

  • No Fillers
  • No Preservatives
  • Real Ingredients


  • Excessive Salt & Sugar
  • Maltodextrin & Corn Starch
  • “Natural Flavors” & Extracts