Low FODMAP All Natural Garlic Powder Replacements

For people who are sensitive to garlic, our powders are a gently delicious alternative. They're certified low FODMAP and free of the additives and preservatives –maltodextrin, corn starch and "flavors" – that are found in all other garlic powder substitutes.

Both powders are made from hand-trimmed herbs, cleaned without chemicals, and dried within hours of picking for optimal flavor, nutrient retention and years of shelf life. Gourmend is the only company offering these unique ingredients.

Low FODMAP Garlic Chive Powder

Garlic chives are an herb that's distinctly more garlic-forward in taste than common chives. Our unique powder is made from 100% dried, organically-farmed garlic chives.

Low FODMAP Garlic Scape Powder

This powder is made from the tender stem and flower bud of garlic plants and taste sweeter, smoother and more mild than traditional dried and fresh garlic.