Low FODMAP Chiles Rellenos Steak Tacos

Courtesy of our friend Amy Laura at FODifyIt.com, take your Taco Tuesdays to the next level by seasoning a chopped New York Strip steak with Gourmend Taco Seasoning and snuggling a gooey, cheesy green chile relleno into this fiesta on a plate!

Toasted tortillas filled with steak, a melted Monterey Jack filled green chile, topped with a crunchy carrot salsa and creamy taco seasoned yogurt sauce—this is sure to become one of your most requested taco night dishes.

For those who are following a dairy-free diet, omit the Monterey Jack cheese and pan warm the green chiles as instructed. You’ll still get that buttery chile goodness with each bite. In place of the lactose-free yogurt, use a dairy-free coconut based yogurt containing no high FODMAP ingredients.

Buen provecho!