New Gourmend Foods Raises the Bar on Low FODMAP Diet-Friendly Cuisine

Gourmend’s Garlic Scape Powder and Organic Chicken Broth represent the market’s most natural, flavorful, ethical low FODMAP ingredients; its FODMAP-focused informational campaign features in-depth, user-friendly guides to cooking, eating and living with FODMAP sensitivity

NEW YORK, NY – October 10, 2020
– The low FODMAP food trend continues to gain steam with the launch of Gourmend Foods, a new U.S. brand dedicated to creating cooking essentials for food lovers with digestive issues. Its products are specifically designed to ensure those who can benefit from a low FODMAP diet don’t have to choose between gut health and flavor.

Gourmend is guided by research that shows the 1 in 7 people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) overwhelmingly benefit from a diet low in the short chain carbohydrates known as FODMAPs. While these are poorly absorbed in the small intestine, making them difficult to digest, they are highly concentrated in many of the world’s most flavorful ingredients, including onions, garlic and many others.

Gourmend’s products replace these ingredients with low FODMAP alternatives made from 100% real food. Its inaugural product line encompasses a Low FODMAP Garlic Scape Powder made from organic heirloom garlic scapes and a shelf-stable Low FODMAP Organic Chicken Broth using free-range chicken bones and vegetables like green leek and scallion tops that are savory while gentle on the stomach.

Gourmend’s products are 100% organic and free of additives, preservatives, and excess salt and sugar – flavoring agents that might add taste without FODMAPs but can exacerbate other health issues. They are responsibly sourced; prepared by exacting specifications; enhanced by slow-cooking techniques; and packaged and processed using sustainable methods that preserve flavor.

All Gourmend’s products are certified as low FODMAP by the world’s most highly recognized FODMAP authorities at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. They are available for purchase online. New products will be made available in the near future.

Gourmend’s Origins

Gourmend was founded by Ketan Vakil, a New York City-based food lover and cooking enthusiast who has wrestled with digestive issues since childhood. After years of doctors’ visits and laboratory testing, Vakil followed a dietary elimination and reintroduction process that confirmed his sensitivity to FODMAPs, but the recommended dietary changes seemed as bad as the diagnosis. 

“It was really depressing to learn my health and wellness depended on my willingness to give up so many foods I loved,” said Vakil. “I couldn’t imagine eating only tasteless meals for the rest of my life.”

Not easily discouraged, Vakil searched for substitute low FODMAP ingredients. He discovered such options as garlic scapes, a season-specific farmers market item, and sought to preserve them for in-home cooking all throughout the year. He began developing and sharing original low FODMAP recipes, and experimenting with techniques to further boost their flavor.

Vakil decided to begin the venture that became Gourmend to help ensure others suffering with digestive issues and/or IBS could holistically treat their conditions and still experience the pleasures of eating well. He teamed up with organic farmers, boutique manufacturing partners and registered dieticians to create the most natural, flavorful and ethical low FODMAP products on the market.

Demystifying All Things FODMPAPs

In addition to creating low FODMAP products, Gourmend has developed and compiled comprehensive online resources to help demystify the carbohydrates. The Low FODMAP Diet 101 section of the Gourmend website contains much of the Internet’s most in-depth and user-friendly information about FODMAPs, such as:

“The informational campaign being championed by Gourmend reflects its commitment to helping others best live with FODMAP sensitivity,” said Laura Manning, MPH, RDN, CDN, who co-authored the FODMAP-specific content on the Gourmend website. “These resources are invaluable to the countless individuals who experience digestive issues, many of whom have self-diagnosed themselves with other ailments and proactively research solutions to alleviate their ongoing distress.”

Research suggests only a fraction of individuals who can benefit from a low FODMAP diet have been properly diagnosed. In particular, studies show that people with self-reported Non-Celiac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) have less gastrointestinal issues on a low FODMAP diet as compared to a gluten-free diet. Experts believe these findings may help explain the popularity of eating gluten-free, a phenomenon at odds with scientific understanding of celiac disease, the only condition known to cause gluten sensitivity, which affects only 1% of the population.

According to Vakil, Gourmend is on a mission, not just to create the world’s premium low FODMAP products, but to help foster a community that supports individuals navigating the confusion and frustration that can accompany digestive issues and severely lessen the joys of eating. Just as he wouldn’t forgo delicious food, he’s determined to ensure others don’t have to make this sacrifice. 

“Adhering to a low FODMAP diet shouldn’t require accepting a life devoid of flavor or settling for products full of preservatives, excess salt and sugar,” he said. “With Gourmend, it doesn’t have to.”

About Gourmend Foods

Gourmend Foods LLC was founded in New York City and launched in 2020. The U.S. brand specializes in clean label, low FODMAP cooking essentials, and all products are Monash University Low FODMAP certified. Gourmend’s mission is to craft fresh, 100% natural ingredients that taste gourmet while remaining gentle on the stomach. All products from Gourmend Foods are gluten-free, dairy-free, preservative-free, flavoring-free, and GMO-free.

Gourmend uses organically grown vegetables, free-range chicken bones, and other high-quality, specialty ingredients. Sourcing and production are done entirely in the U.S. and all possible efforts are taken to package products sustainably. Gourmend is committed to creating exceptional products made with ingredients sourced responsibly from local farmers. For recipes, tips on living low FODMAP, and to purchase products, visit