Low FODMAP Dietitians

While there are many sources of good information like our FODMAP 101, we always advise expert help when following the low FODMAP diet. The clinicians listed below have stated they are educated in FODMAPs and are accepting new patients, however, Gourmend does not guarantee or endorse their expertise.


Dorothy Bernet, MS, RDN
Santa Monica, CA
ℹ️ www.healthy4lifenutrition.com
✉️ dorothy@healthy4lifenutrition.com

Laura Disharoon
Petaluma, CA
ℹ️ www.nutritionwithlaura.com
✉️ laura@nutritionwithlaura.com

Kimaya Joshi
Los Angeles, CA
ℹ️ www.wellseasonednutrition.com
✉️ kimaya.c.j@gmail.com


If you would like to be added to this list, please see our Clinical Partners page.